The International School Sport Federation (ISF) is recognised by the International Olympic Committee, and promotes the values and interests of Education through Sport. Events such as the World Schools Championships and the Gymnasiade, aim to promote among young people: mutual understanding, volunteering empowerment, peace, non-discrimination, healthy lifestyle, social inclusion, and gender equality. Thus it contributes to support the educative paths of the young people to empower them as citizens of the world. ISF pursues its goals independently from political, religious or racial considerations.

Vision & Values
Sport can greatly contribute to the physical, social and intellectual development of youngsters.Sport is a prevailing tool for the promotion of mutual understanding, peace and tolerance. The power of sport can break down cultural, religious and ideological barriers, no matter how big.

Missions & Goals
– Organise World Schools Championships
– Harness the power of sports to inspire, involve and educate youngsters
– Deliver an enriching lifetime experience and multicultural exchanges to youngsters
– Empower the youth to become sport leaders