Regards of Organization Community

Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Crete

Welcome to Crete. Welcome to Heraklion, where the heart of the World Basketball School Championship will beat from 12th to 20th of April.

“Where there is emulation, there is victory”

We chose this apophthegm of Aristotle, as an emblem for this year’s event. This great festival of Education and Sports. Students from all over the world will meet to compete with emulation, solidarity and fairness to claim victory over ephemeral glory or economic benefits. Because with emulation, culture is generally developed.

Students through Education and Sports are carriers of culture. They are the hope of our world for a better future.

George Terzakis – Head of the Organizational Committee

Region of Crete

“A great sporting event, internationally, is organized on Crete in 2019.
This is an event that will turn the spotlights of world sports on our island,
as the World Schools Basketball Championship constitutes one of the top
events in the field of school sports.

With the participation of young athletes from all over the world, this
sporting event upgrades Crete to the world sports map. Since the
beginning, the Region of Crete has supported the effort to claim the
organization of the games on our island and is actively involved in their
immaculate preparation.

It is with great pleasure that we expect the participating athletes with their
coaches and escorts on Crete.”

Stavros Arnaoutakis – Governor of the Region of Crete

Municipality of Heraklion

School sport is one of the main priorities of the Municipality of Heraklion.  Through the implementation of successful programs we aim at acknowledging children at early agethe multiple and important benefits of Sports.

The 25th World School Basketball Championship apart from being one of the many international events which we are happy to host every year in our facilities, is also a  great opportunity to promote school sport and gain even more supporters among students of our schools.

Additionally, it confirms that Heraklion, due to the contribution of everyone involved in our Municipalityas well as the cooperation of all the authorities concerned, is now the sports capital of the Greek region.

I would like to thank those who have worked and will work for the success of this event and I wish the participants, most importantly, to enjoy it.

Vassilis Labrinos – Mayor of the Municipality of Heraklion

Municipality of Archanes-Asterousia

Ιt is well known that Sports constitute an important factor of modern life. A significant part of society is interested in Sport activities either on a professional or in an amateur level.

Especially regarding the youth it is obvious that engaging in sports can be an opportunity for emulation and for spreading the values of fair play, of mental and physical development and collective action.

We think that the 25th World School Championship Basketball is a an ideal chance to prove this. We are greatly honored to host this event in our place this year. The Municipality of Archanes-Asterousia supports the Championship. Αs mayor I would like to welcome all the athletes in Crete and to wish a pleasant stay to all the teams.

Emmanuel Kokosalis – Mayor of the Municipality of Archanes-Asterousia

Municipality of Hersonissos

We are pleased to welcome a great sporting celebration, a special event where protagonists are new children from all over the world. 25th World School Championship Basketball is such a comprehensive international event. It gives us the opportunity to highlight athletic ideals and universal values ​​that sport promotes, such as noble rivalry, respect for teamwork, solidarity, etc. Values ​​that are inextricably linked to the history of our land.

We participate essentially in various actions that promote the cultivation of athletic consciousness, contribute to the peaceful coexistence and communication of peoples, and interact in the education of citizens, especially when “transmitters” and recipients are elementary school students, our only hope for a better world.

Besides, in one of the most hospitable corners of the earth, we honor our heritage and once again highlight the diachronic values ​​that characterize Greek culture: agility, morality, respect, truce.

In a time of globalization, we encourage the creation of a peaceful society and we wish to the young athletes and teams, a good Championship. We will be next to them.

Giannis Mastorakis – Mayor of the Municipality of Hersonissos